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Coffee tree stick – advantages
• Coffee wood is durable, but very strong dogs can handle it quite quickly. If you have such
a dog, we recommend even stronger briar root chews.
• It is safe – while playing, the dog can only tear off the soft fibers.
• It helps to maintain the hygiene of dogs’ teeth – biting removes excess tartar, and the
fibers act like dental floss.
• It is suitable for overweight dogs as it does not provide the dog with any extra calories.
• 100% nature – our tethers are only natural wood, carefully machined.
• They do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes or other improvers.
• They do not stink – only a delicate, wooden smell is noticeable.
• It will help to deal with the problem of chewed furniture.
• Playing with a coffee tree stick will help your dog reduce excess energy, calm down and de-stress.

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