Scupper's Story


For those of you who have not made my acquaintance as yet, my name is Scupper. I am a very handsome Golden Retriever who generally prefers pats and tummy rubs from humans over dogs-go figure. I own Boats n Barks with my mummy Debbie Rance. We are located at Rance’s Boat Yard, which was my grandpa Edward’s Boat Yard.

What is Boats n Barks and how did I come to own it you may ask?  Well, grab a bully stick from your treat box, snuggle into your favourite spot on the couch and perk up your ears.

Many, many years ago (okay so it was only four) in a faraway land known as England, I was born. And the world has never been quite the same. My Golden Retriever mummy saw early on that I loved the great outdoors, was very rambunctious and loved to soak up the sun.

She knew the day would come when I would need to find a human mummy who would love and care for me.  With that in mind, the necessary application forms were completed and mailed off to Find Me a Human Ltd.

Several weeks passed when out of the blue, Clarence, our village courier pigeon, delivered a letter to mummy. It was postmarked Bermuda. After tearing open the letter, Mummy did the zoomies. I said to myself, self, what could have made her so overjoyed ? After her panting subsided, she was able to tell me that Find Me a Human Ltd. did in fact locate the perfect human mummy for me.

The human's name was Debbie and she lived on an island called Bermuda.

Mummy described Bermuda as a magical land where I could swim year-round and play in pink sand.  And then when mummy told me Debbie lacked a strong propensity towards training and the word no, I said sign me up!  And so with my left paw print on the Adoption Bone, my mummy packed my trunk, gave me a lick goodbye and sent me on a one way ticket to Bermuda. She never did explain what “Do not return to sender” meant when I asked.

Needless to say, I fell in love with Bermuda and my new forever mummy.

I know, I know, get to the point. So how did I end up owing my own business ?

Well, my mummy owned a store called Treats and it sold treats and toys for the two-legged breed called “children.”  Since I have four legs, I was not permitted to work there.
That posed a problem. I did not travel all the way from England to be left home alone for hours on end.

After consultation with my legal representative Wendell the Weimaraner, I was informed I had rights!  Yes, I was entitled to a life of swimmies, tummy rubs, a vegetable garden to dig in and herons to chase. And that was just the opening paragraph of my contract.

Realising Treats could not afford me the lifestyle I deserved, Debbie sold Treats and began the process of creating Boats n Barks, all for me.

In 2015, long before I was thought of, Debbie’s dad, Edward, unexpectedly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Edward owned and operated Rance’s Boat Yard.

Debbie, having literally grown up at the Boat Yard with her father, absorbed his love of animals and all things nautical.

So why not create a business that combined those elements so important to Debbie; the love she felt for her father, all things nautical and of course dogs.

After testing the waters as a pop-up shop, and receiving lots of Four Paws Up feedback, Debbie took the plunge and made Boats n Barks my very own business.  I'm living my best life spending my days at the Boat Yard and helping mummy run day to day operations.

As Chief Sniffer, and I have a very discerning sniffer I might add, it is my job to ensure Mummy stocks only the best items for me and my doggy mates.

In order for the goodies to obtain the Scupper Bark of Approval they must meet my standards which include high quality ingredients, safety, durability, yummy to the tummy and fun.  Mummy said something about the items we sell need to “be of good value.”  That phrase is above my pay grade. You’ll have to find a poodle to explain that one to you.

So there you have it.  How I came to own Boats n Barks.

But what about the Boats part you say?

Stay tuned. I will be issuing boat directives to my mummy in short order.

I will not have her hauling boats like Grandpa Edward did, but she will be providing goodies for those of you who love the nautical lifestyle.

From the US Navy launch boat railing to the Cape Cod Gemini sailboat tillers, every shop fixture hails from Edward’s boating life.

Just ask my mummy and she will happily take you down the Rance’s Boat Yard memory lane.

In the meantime, stop on by, and sniff around the shop.