• Chloe approves of Ruby's Baydog Narragansett Sailing Jacket

  • Mummy, I'll take the raised HIK9 bed in burgundy please.

  • How handsome am I in my Baydog harness!

  • Odie & his mummy Charlotte

    Odie ready for some adventure in his Baydog Life Jacket

  • Henley

    Oh you look handsome in your Baydog Life Jacket

  • Red it defininitely my colour

  • Nellie & Luca

    Nellie planning her strategy to wrestle Mr. Crocodile away from Luca

  • Scupper

  • Jack

    Oh mummy, how do I look in my first Spinnaker cloth collar ?

  • Buster

    I may be small but I look like a stud in my Baydog Liberty Bay harness.

  • Yes please, we would love some Bison Treats!

  • Maggie

    We love you Maggie

  • Skipper

    Getting his Halloween groove on

  • Rio

    I am big boy, so the Baydog Offshore Life Jacekt is just what I need.

  • Harry & Scupper

    Waiting oh so patienly for our puppucicnos at Brew

  • Rock

    Rock showing his moves in his brand new Up Country Raincoat

  • Peach

    Peach, you look so pretty in your new Chesapeake Harness

  • Fudge

    Mummy, I told you I look smashing in red!

  • Rome SPCA.BM

    I am searching for my forever family. Read about what an amazing boy I am at SPCA.BM

  • Zeus

    I am sniffing out those great West Paw Bison treats

  • Innis

    And the sun hits my face in just the right spot during my photo shoot.

  • Friday

    Super smart Friday sporting his Up Country collar.